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Jun 13, 2007
I now have a plane ticket for a 3 day bbq and music tour in the hill country of Austin, TX for the Labor Day weekend. Some of the food joints we are gonna hit, Rudy's Country Store and BBQ, Salt Lick bbq, Kruez Market, City Market, County Line BBQ, a few roadside places, tour of the Shiner Brewery, few Tex-Mex places(love me... some tamales and tacos). Thursday night music is still undecided, Friday is Ray Wylie Hubbard at Nutty Brown Cafe, and Saturday night,.............. Charlie Robison at Gruene Hall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That sounds like an awesome trip. Everytime I go to Austin I go out the Salt Lick with an ice chest full of beer and a healthy appetite.
Big Wheelie thanks!!! the reason for the oven is I can't take my pit to the boat!! I plan on holding thme in the cooler, but my wife thinks we will need the oven, so whatever. I have to cut them here as there isn't very much room on the boat!! but thanks, I'll let you know, been saucing them as we speak!
Wow thought I was listening in on old timey party line telephone there for a min. Congrats Swamp Sauce. Make em run you by Matt's el Rancho downtown for some mighty good enchiladas. Its on one of the numbered streets where all the old hippies run around crazy. Gotcha Sluggo..sounds like things is under control.

Captain Morgan said:
actually, that trip will pale in comparison to his visit this weekend
with Captain Morgan.

I sure hope my trip works out better than the Captain Morgan visit. Had hot coals, fresh Carolina shrimp, fresh flounder, but noooooo Cappy! :(
Hey the old Possum aka George Jones made millions over not showing up. That's how he got his other nickname which No Show Jones. Maybe we can call the Cap'n, No Show Cappy. Yep that should work. He prob start racking in the moolah shortly.

dealership just's the battery. 186 bucks they want for
a freaking battery?!?!? and yes I tried to jump it...apparently it
just died hard and fast....leaving me with a couple pounds of macaroni
salad and a bunch of roasted potatoes....
Well thats enough to make me hongry and I just finished my green hot tea and yogurt drink.

Well Im back home and have had some time to"digest" my trip. We hit 9 bbq joints in 2 1/2 days and saw 12 musical acts. All the bbq was good except for one place. All the brisket was all cooked bout the same way on the same kind of pits. The places themselves were cool and unique though. The best tasting brisket was................the most touristy of all of them, The Salt Lick. The Salt Lick had I bet 300 people eating there at # when we were there. Worst was Fuschaks in San Marcos, tasted like burning pinestraw, their turkey breast was really good though. I ll post more later.
Congrats on the great trip. I'm afraid I'm going to have to stick to NC joints (my choice) or Myrtle Beach joints (the Wife's choice).
One thing that really stood out on my tour, no SWEET tea!!!!!!!!!!!! What is up with that?

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