BDS Smokers???

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Sep 7, 2009
Does anyone on this forum use the BDS? If so, what are your thoughts on it? I have one and love it. Just curious of others opinion
Well each time I see the term UDS it mades me think of udders for some reason..especially when I am glancing at your avatar. The first incarnation of this fine cooking system that I can remember was called a LDS i.e. Little Drum Smoker. Forget the fellas name who come up with it right now. Was it Lanny? It was made out of a small a grease barrell 30 gallon maybe? Anyway a bunch of comp cooks bought one for chicken. They would also knock out two briskets on 5 lbs of Kingsford and a few chunks. Then I up and thought up the concept of a BDS using a big barrell...then Rocky Richmond latched onto the plan and the rest is history. Back in the old days all I ever seen was split barrells on wobbly legs. Course if a person stretch the imagination a little guess an Old Smokey might half way correspond with the topic. Guessing it pre dated the LDS. It just two washtubs butted up one on top of the other.

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