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I have trouble finding pearl onions also. Sometimes during the holidays I can find them frozen. They have fresh around then also, but I hate dealing with the peeling.

Your stores don't stock Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick Aluminum Foil?

Nope, no Reynolds aluminium products here, only parchment paper, cupcake liner thingees, etc. For aluminium, we get Alcan - Canada, eh?

But, thank you for reminding me to check. Last time I checked was probably about a half a year ago. Now, we can get Alcan non-stick aluminium foil. Pricey stuff, eh?
Yes, hard to tell, Dragn. Boiling onions are considerably larger than Pearl onions. I would guess the Boiling type are about 2 inches in diameter? I prefer the Boiling onions for pot roast, corned beef and cabbage...anything that is going to be braised for a long time. They hold up better.
I guess boiling onions would be similar to cipollini's. The flat ones about 2" wide and maybe 1" deep? They are adorable and if they're available I'll choose them over the other "pearl onions".
But the mini's I'm getting are about the size of your thumbnail. Being frozen they work well in braising as well. They don't fall apart as one might think.
No, don't see them here often either. I'm guessing they're a seasonal thing but I've never paid enough attention to know which season. Must be coming up with our fall and holidays ahead.
I don't do big family meals anymore - so it's not on my list. Loved them around a standing rib. think I'm starting to drool and I just had supper! :rolleyes:
I use boiling onions as my regular cooking onions in the late fall and winter.

They are just right when cooking for one or two people.

The rest of the year I always seem to have a chunk of leftover yellow onion in a jar in the refrigerator.
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