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Tri Tip

Head Chef
Jan 30, 2010
Costa Mesa CA
This dude is about an hour's drive north of here. I plan on getting the teammates family and friends together for my birthday dinner at Big Papis. He's cooken on a South Central 4000 just like mine. I'll post some picts. Hopefully I can get an autographed photo too! :D

Pigs On The Wing BBQ said:
MAN! And you guy's think my pit is gunkey. :LOL:


Yeah I noticed that too. Some say it adds flavor. Were going next Sunday. I'm taken Monday off Just in case I need to stay close to the porcelain lounger :LOL:
Well the troops were all set to caravan up to North Hollywood yesterday but we could not get an answer when we called over several days. Did some googling on local blogs. They are out of business :( Heard some good things on the blogs. Food was pretty good and you could get a plate for only $6. Also cusotmer service was awesome. RIP Big Papi's :(
Thanks guys. I did have a great bday. Got a new in-closed trailer for comps and catering gigs. I'm happy. Has even more meaning when we need landscaping and the misses still approved. She is tired of grilled and bbq'd food, heck won't even eat it sometimes, but still supports the addiction! I picked a good one.
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