Black Forest DO Dump Cobbler

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Executive Chef
Jun 3, 2004
Black Forest DO Dump Cobbler


2-3 large cans of cherry pie filling,
1.5 boxes of chocolate cake mix (I use theBetty Crocker brand that has the
pack of liquid Hershey's dark chocolate syrup inside),
2 sticks butter,
12oz Sprite/7UP.


Preheat the DO, lightly oil, slice one stick butter in the bottom, add
cherries (rinse the cans out with the Sprite), Spread the chocolate cake mix over the top, then drizzle the chocolate syrup over it all. Do Not Mix
altogether. Then slice the other stick butter over the top. (Sometimes we
add chopped nuts to the top, it's a nice touch). Bake at 325-350 (18
Kingsford briquettes on top and 9 on bottom) for about 35-45 minutes. Rotate the oven 3x about 1/4 turn as it cooks
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