Can botulism grow in water submerged foods?

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May 15, 2020
Prior Lake
Found some beef jerky from the 90s while helping clean out my grandma's estate. Didn't really wanna eat it, but hey I figured my parent's old dog would love it. I was going to bring it over, then my husband decided to submerge the jerky by half a foot or more of water overnight at room temp (like 18 hours or so; he changed the water every 8 hours) to soften it to make it easier for the dog to eat as she's like 13. I thought that was pretty dang sweet, then I wondered: could I be at risk of giving her botulism as underwater jerky is technically anarobic?
Please don't feed a 13 year old dog food they're NOT accustomed to.
1. Jerky is salty as all get out.
2. You will probably have to get up in the middle of the night to let them out.
3. If you don't get up, keep lots of paper towels handy.
4. Last but not least, make sure it is early in the week and early in the day before your vet closes.
Feeding animals "human food" is fine - I fed my Shephard mince meat (hamburger) with peas and rice 3 or 4 times a week for her entire 14 year life and she was fine, in fact, she dewalt with "human food" better than questionable dog food.

What I WOULDN'T recommend is feeding any animal 20 year old food of any kind!!! I look at it like this - if it isn't good enough for me then it isn't good enough for my pets/animals.
It's about context and dosage. Pets end up with the same diseases as humans when overfed human food. Small amounts are probably ok, like maybe 10% of a species appropriate diet and of course certain things like onions and garlic can be toxic and in the extreme, feeding dogs junk food on a continual basis because it's a way to save money on dog food can lead to mineral deficiencies and worst case scenario diabetes, heart disease or death. Is a little hamburger ok, sure.

My pets have been many, and currently I have 1 dog and 1 cat but have had as many as 6 pets at one time. A little carrot and blueberries is all I ever feed them as these might have been consumed and foraged but I do it sparingly. Anyway there's always nuance that can be discussed, and of course this is just my opinion on the subject.
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Ive also fed a few of my dogs human food, like fresh chicken and rice.

Feeding a dog an ancient (25-30 year old!) piece of jerky soaked in water is just cruel, IMO. Dogs dont know any better but humans should.
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My dogs love biltong (it's a bit like jerky).
I love it too. They may get a little piece, but definitely not a full slab.
I think it would be too salty and definitely too expensive

That jerky won't be a botulism risk, it needs to have botulism spores to become toxic. I still don't think I would feed it to the dog though

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