Can I build an Easter lamb cake?

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Cookie Elf

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Dec 18, 2009
I know there are lamb molds available, and I have one ordered but may not receive it in time. Has anyone tried using a couple small loaf pans and a cupcake head? I'm willing to get creative, but if someone has had success with this before, I'd appreciate any hints!
You would have to do some trimming ala Ace of Cakes but its certainly possible. I would go with the double loaf, stacked, and then trimmed off the top layer to make the head.
Check to see if there are any bakeries or cake supply stores in your area that rent cake pans. They will surely have a lamb or two in stock. I used one once to make a cat - had to change the face, sculpt the body a bit and add a long fondant tail, but it worked!

If you do carve it out of loaves and cupcakes, be sure to use a dense cake and butter cream them all in place before carving, then refrigerate the whole thing until it is firm. You may have to add some toothpicks and other things to keep it in place until you are ready to carve.

Have fun!
cake pans

Do you have a Michael's or Moores Art Supply? They have a pretty good assortment of cake pans and decorating supplies.
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