Casey Dog v. Giggler chalange Chicken

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Dec 4, 2007
Austin, TX.
Actually, I am looking for an old school BBQ chicken recipe.
and wondering if Casey or anyone else on this Fun list can help me re create it.
It is Chicken, lightly smoked in a 4x4 cinder block pit.
Served at The Knights of Columbus hall. across the street from the Church,
in central Texas. When I was a child.
Half Chickens, golden and very moist, no sauce.
Sold in large quantities to raise funds for the Church.
For 5bux. you got a half Chiken on paper plate.
And all the various pot luck Fixins you could eat!
Eric, Austin Texas.
Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men's organization, so it will be next to a Catholic Church. I did a quick search, and there are a bunch of KOC/Catholic Church fundraising BBQs all over Texas. I looked at few, and nothing showed a cinderblock pit.

All I know about smoking chicken is what I've done with pieces and parts, not whole or half. I cook whole chickens on my Weber Kettle with a rotisserie kit.

One thing I know is that chicken is a sponge for smoke, so if I use the pellet smoker, I cook it at 300F so it cooks fast, and with the lowest smoke setting.

This is the basting sauce used by the local firehouses, churches, and county fairs in Central New York.

Bells poultry seasoning is the preferred choice in this part of the country.

I've heard of Cornell chicken, but have never eaten it. It's not a thing down here.

If the chicken giggler is referencing is from Central Texas, there most likely will NOT be any sauce used, as he mentioned.

Beef is smoked with just salt and pepper in Central Texas, and the wood is going to be Post Oak. I think additional seasonings may be used with poultry. The wood should be the same.

Well Done, Casey! you are Spot On!
I will endevor to send a picture of the cinder block pits...
The sauce is a Mop, of chickin necks, backs parts, water, Worster Shire sauce and onion.
cooked on top of the grills.
And I have Actualy watched people use clean mops to drench it on every 15 minutes.
chicken is very moist, with this odd golden brown color.
You are invited to my next Family Reunion.
You will Fit in Well here!
Eric, Austin Tx.
I can't say that I ever saw an egg in a BBQ sauce recipe or any other basting sauce for that matter. I think it's there to emulsify the sauce, so it will stick to the chicken better.
But can't be a dipping sauce.
Unless you are brave (foolhardy?) or the eggs are pasteurized. I have never seen pasteurized eggs here.

The "sauce" for Cornell Chicken is actually a marinade. You marinate the chicken overnight, and then cook it on a charcoal grill (although a gas grill would work, too).


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