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Chef Munky

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Dec 15, 2008
I've been trying to get someone out to my home to inspect,clean, fix any problems concerning my wood burning stove to no avail. Called 4 companies. Have been told by 3 "We don't serve your area" the last one never called back.
Winter is almost here I'd like to be prepared . It's kinda hard when you can't find someone to do the job!
I still need to find a place that will deliver and stack a cord of wood that's cut to size to accommodate that wood stove.
It's a Buck wood 27000 Buck Wood Stove Review - New vs Old Models

Thinking about just going Rouge all over the pipe. How hard can it be? They sell kits on Amazon. YouTube has instruction videos. Cleaning out the ashes was a job. Scraped a lot of black stuff off the sides and back of it. Opened the damper. I've been told the previous owner hardly ever used it. And what kind of wood they use is questionable.

I know this is out of an out of the ordinary Bbq section. Thought I'd ask questions here.

Oh, and before I forget the previous owner had a massive Treager pellet smoker. On the massive back patio redwood deck. It's not here now.
Had to sell and offload all my grills and smokers for the move. Looks like I'll be reading up in this section. Replacement time :)

Now you see the delima, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Had a friend who used a wood burning stove. She also had a furnace which was her primary heat. The wood stove caught the drafts and her energy bill was lower.

People were always offering her a downed tree to get rid of it. A lot of trees burn very quickly and you do not want it.

Many building material stores have bulletin boards and people list their services and sell things like firewood.
Munky, I used to clean my own chimney on the farm... well, not quite true, needed my son to help as the outside chimney was really tall and I needed his muscle to push the brush.
But I did the inside, which involved removing the upright part from the stove, and the horizontal part to the wall and outside. Then TAKE IT OUTSIDE!!! and DON'T DROP IT ON THE WAY .. then brush'a brush'a brush'a, onto a large plastic garbage bag. Put them back together at the joint and re-insert to stove and wall. A bit fiddley and would be a help to have an extra pair of hands on deck.
I would only except hard wood, not even 10% soft. This was my only heat source and I certainly didn't need any extra build up.
Munky, PM me your location and I'll try to help you find something.
The chimney will be cleaned out and ready in just a few days.
I asked my new next door neighbor about it. Apparently the past owners hardly ever used it.
Out of fear mostly. Where I now live has a # that you have to call and get permission to use it. If you get caught using it on off days you can and will be fined.
I asked my neighbor who I could call to inspect it. She suggested the Fire Dpmt.
So I called them. They told me they don't do home inspections for wood stoves that it would be and I quote "It's a conflict of interest for us to do that". @@
That kind of threw me a bit. Aren't they in business to Prevent, head off a potential residential fire in the first place? I said ok...
A few minutes later the maintenance man called. I told him what they said. He laughed and said they just want the business. My life or home? LOL.
He came out yesterday took a look told me it's a quick clean the pipe, he can do it in just a few minutes.


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