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Mar 27, 2004
I have used recipes simalar to this to make BBQ pork:

{ pardon, I know there must be a way to link without all that garbage in the page- I don't know it} .

My question is that I read somewhere that the red color on REAL Chinese BBQ pork is actually "went yeast" although it could be the red from smoking to my mind. I know of went yeast only that something named that exists. Can anyone direct me to a more authentic source of info about went yeast and\or its role in chinese cooking. Nothing in my cook book collection addresses this.

Robert Collins
Smoking will give meat a smoke ring, but it will not be red and all the way thru like chinese bbq ribs.

Smoke ring:


I always heard this referred to as "red cooking" - it's a Chinese method of cooking wherein the chicken is braised in a dark soy sauce mixture thereby resulting in a reddish brown tinge and here is a great recipe and example of it (it doesn't have to do with a smoke ring though since this is not a smoked item).

Red Cooked Chicken
the red is just an accessory used in most resturants as a type of red powder to make it "look better" and the red powder works like msg as a flavor enhancer. well this is what i see in most resturants. Some people use red food coloring. When i cook the pork at home it tastes the same with and without the red.

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