Chocolate Stout Cake - a house favorite

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Janet H

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Jan 17, 2007
Pacific NW
Last weekend my DH got a year older and asked for his favorite cake. I'm always happy to oblige since this is easy and DELICIOUS. I usually add some Creamcheese icing but this year instead did a donut icing-style glaze because I forgot to procure cream cheese. It's actually an improvement and best of all you can stick slivered almonds to the edge of the cake to gussy it up.

choclate cake.jpg
chocolate stout cake, updated.jpg
OMG !!! Janet!! that sounds and looks delish!

I rarely make a cake from scratch. But next time out - I'm heading for the Beer Store (remember I live in Ontario, we can only purchase beer at the Beer Store or the LCBO [Liquor Control Board of Ontario]) to pick up some stout.
That cake is easy to make - no mixer needed. Make it in a large sauce pan.

I stage the ingredients:
  • Beer and butter in large sauce pan
  • Sugar and cocoa in a small bowl or container
  • Eggs, vanilla and sourcream gets mixed in a cereal bowl
  • Flour and other dry stuff in another bowl

Then one by one, the smaller bowls get dumped into the saucepan. Mix it up with a whisk and dump into pan.

Best of all - 1 cup of stout for the cake leaves the other half of the bottle for the cook.

The small bowls (I use cereal bowls) are easy to rinse out and there is one chocolatey Saucepan to clean.

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