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Apr 10, 2004
Johnstown, Ohio
If you'll indulge me for a moment, here's why I still believe in the Christmas spirit. A massive ice storm blew through Friday morning leaving about 300,000 people without power in Central Ohio on Christmas Eve. Trees are down everywhere and everything is still covered in ice. Somehow, everyone in my small town has a smile on their face and a kind of 'whew, that could have been worse' attitude. I haven't seen a single person yet who looked sad or anxious! I took a ton of pictures of what it's like right now but most of the files are huge. I'll give you this one for now, this one is of me testing the fallen power lines to the house to see if they're still 'live.' :LOL:

Here's another pic, just across from my place.

:LOL: Damp, next...try licking a metal pole to see if your tongue will stick to it. What were you thinking?
I was thinking that I might be able to run the coffee maker if I grabbed the power line with one hand and held the power cord in the other! :LOL: Hey, it was cold out! Didn't work tho, no juice! :? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
ummm, dampc, i guess you've never found a live wire, huh? it would blow the legs off those carharts. you haven't been shocked until your tongue gets this funny, metallic taste.
Damp, I'm not known for having the most common sense, but even I wouldn't have tried that! ;) Glad you're OK and that you have power back.
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