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Jun 26, 2021
Parma, Ohio
Traditional I think.

Ham, turkey breast, bacon.

Fist slice gets the BLT, a slice of bread goes on that and then the other meats. Of course some cheese. And ore mayo.

Now I am set on that and have all the ingredients. However that would be a dull thread. What other variations of a club sandwich are there ? Hundreds ? Maybe it depends o which club you're in.

Hi Termy. I haven't heard of any kind of "traditional" variations on a club sandwich (in the same way that "Rachel" sandwich is a traditional variation on a Reuben). But avocado seems like a fairly common and delicious addition. I'd think basil pesto would be good along with, or mixed with, the mayo.

A note on ingredients, I believe that usually the bread is also lightly toasted. I think that provides some rigidity which helps the many layers of the sandwich hold together.

And to me it's not a Club sandwich unless it is served quartered with each quarter speared with a toothpick -- ideally the ones with a colored-plastic frill, or even better crowned with green pimento olives!
This is a great sandwich made on rye, with a little mayo, or Miracle Whip. Re also makes for great double-decker BLT's, and Reubens.

Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
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