Converting 6 in. to 9 in?

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May 15, 2020
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I have a cake recipe I've used several times ( and it yields three 6 in. cakes. I wanted to make a single 9 in cake using the recipe (as I only have 9 in. pans), but I'm unsure how to convert. Using this internet article I found, it states that it takes about 2.33 times the amount of batter that a 6 in. uses to make a 9 in. cake. Is this correct information? It seems like a lot of cake to me. I was thinking just 1.5 times it, but maybe I'm not thinking correctly of volume.


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Three 6" round pans is a total of 84.8 sq in, while one 9" round is 63.6 sq in. So you'll want to use 3/4 of the original recipe.

BTW, you might want to measure the 9" you'll be using - commercial type cake pans are pretty much what they say, while some types are a half inch less in diameter, as well as tapered slightly, changing the area of the pan.
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To be clear, you have a recipe for 3-6inch cakes, so 12 oz x 3=36 ounces of batter.

You want to make 1 layer only of the 9 inch round cake, so you only need 28 ounces and what @pepperhead212 is correct. One layer is 3/4 of the recipe (about 28 ounces).

If you wanted 3 layers of a 9 inch cake, you'd need 28 ounces x 3, or 84 ounces, so you'd take your recipe x 2.33 to fill all three 9 inchers.
Thank you bliss, I went to bed last night grumbling because I couldn't find the correct order of words that you so eloquently wrote.

BAPyessir you could also just make the whole batch, throw the 3/4 of the batter in your 9" pan and the last 1/4 in a cupcake tin or ramekin.
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