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Assistant Cook
Feb 21, 2003
Suffolk UK
Having spent the last eighteen months helping people who organise cooking vacations or culinary tours to promote what they do I thought it was about time to check to see if I am heading in the right direction.

(Even if you have never been on a cooking vacation or culinary tour I would be interested in your opinion.)

Where would you look for such a vacation in the first place – the Internet or a travel agent?

If you were searching on Google for such a holiday what search term would you use? I have rather spoilt it by focusing you on cooking vacations or culinary tours but there are any amount of terms such as cookery courses, cooking holidays, etc as well as adding a destination name to your choice of phrase.

If you were looking for such a vacation would you prefer to visit the site of the actual organiser or a central site where you can find a whole range of different vacations and organisers to choose from?

One thing I have noticed over the last eighteen months is that many of the web sites run by organisers of such vacations are very poor and amateurish to look at. Would this put you off booking with them bearing in mind that you are being asked to send quite a lot of money to a perfect stranger? Does a poor quality and amateurish web site make you think they are struggling financially and it would be risky to book with them?

[FONT=&quot]I would be interested in any other comments or thoughts you might have about cooking vacations. Have you ever been on one and what was it like?[/FONT]


Executive Chef
Nov 16, 2004
I've attended many cookery courses in mainland Europe as well as the UK and Ireland - I've usually had personal recommendations to work from - or I've googled and looked for courses being run by a specific chef that I'm interested in learning more from. So far, I have had no bad experiences at all, but maybe it's because I do a lot of research?:)

Most of the websites I've seen have been very professional!


Sous Chef
Jul 17, 2006
Scottish Borders of England
Im the same Ish I research and generally its word of mouth and internet. For instance when i go to italy and i pick where in italy im going i generally research the area and look for things relevant to what i want

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