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Jun 3, 2004
Just wanted to throw out this idea. My BBQ buddies have for years had get togethers of people from the various bbq mailing lists, etc.

They call them Q-Fests.

Just a place and time to get together, put a face with a name, cook, eat and just socialize.

What do you guys think?
They have them in different locations around the country. So we pick a town to have it at.

Then we find a camp ground, park or someone has enough space at their house, etc.

Anywhere we can bring any cooking equipment we may need, smokers, grills, etc.
I think Cleveland would be a great place! It's kind of central for the East Coast and Midwest members (not to leave out the members west of the Mississippi). That, and Cleveland is a short drive for me! :LOL:
I could make Cleveland work, too, I guess. And we could have car-pool points--for instance if people needed to pass through Harrisburg area(where I am) to get there they could stop and we could drive on together from there.
We can rotate locations. Need to of the time of year.

Also would need someone from that location to coordinate the meeting place, etc.
I was being a selfish twit when I was bragging how short a drive Cleveland was for me (although I still think it would be a great location). I would vote for Chicago, New Orleans and Nashville as possible locations. All are great food towns!
The idea is for us to cook and share, so being in a city with great food isn't a must.

We'll have great food because we will be doing the cooking!
I have a swimming pool and large deck. You are all welcome at my place ;)

of course right now it is more like an ice skating rink :evil:
Sounds like a great idea!

Poor me though. I live way too far away.

If you ever decide to come to the Northwest
I'll open my home to ya all. That would be fun! :D

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