Deep fried bologna

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that's the show I saw. couldn't believe he left the wrapping on to smoke. I just bought a hunk of it from the deli, unwrapped it, and smoked it. I could discern no noticable smoke flavor to make the effort worth it.

Course I'm no expert.
weekend cook said:
I was watching food TV one night and saw a show where this guy smoked a log of bologna, then deep fried it before putting it in a sandwich with BBQ sauce. Any one see this show or have even tried such a thing?

Im not a big bologna fan but my Dad eats it for lunch almost everyday. Maybe next time I see him, I might try cooking this for him. Hopefully it wont give him a heartattack.

I'd have to eat that in the bathroom. That would go through me faster than Lance Armstrong in the first round of the Tour De France!
Yeppers, my Dad use to buy ring bologna, take it home cut it into sections on the bias and fry it up. GOOD STUFF. Haven't had it in too many years to remember.
I just saw a BBQ joint on Food Network deep fry bologna after they smoked it for 4 hrs...didn't look bad at all!! :D
Cruising said:
I wonder if doing that to hot dogs would work too. Any ever deep fry a hot dog, polish or sausage (not corn dog - just the plain hot dog)?

Yup, fry em all the time. Bout 2 ta 2 1/2 minutes, make fer a rite tastey dog. Crispy on the outside an nice an juicy on the inside! Great fer caterin.
I saw that show,,it was on divas and dinner's,,,the guy left the wrapping on the bologna,poked little holes in it and somked it for about 4 hrs,then cut big inch slices and deep fried them. Then placed them on a large bun topped with coleslaw and barbaque sauce,,man it look good! It was a small resturant down south. I always wanted to try it , but have not yet. would really like to see the show again before tryin it. Tom Ks.
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