Dijon mustard "mop"

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Apr 24, 2022
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Being a frugal sort of person, the last bit of Dijon mustard in the jar, the bit I can't scrape out, bothers me. So as not to waste this lovely mustard, I add a bit of white wine vinegar or olive oil to the jar, shake it well to emulsify, and use it to baste pork or chicken.
Beats going into the jar with my finger to get the last little bit!
If you have that empty mustard jar when you don't want to baste with it, you can use it in a salad dressing. If the jar isn't too tiny, you could even shake the salad dressing together in the jar.
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Yes Taxlady, it does make a nice salad dressing. Joy of Cooking has a recipe for Dijon salad dressing that I modified a bit, using the last bit of the Dijon in the jar, a bit of salad oil, ground white pepper, and just enough white wine vinegar to add a little extra tang.
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