Dinner for Wednesday, February 15

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Nov 21, 2018
Woodbury, NJ
I made some salad today (too hot to eat soup again. lol), with some chickpeas, kidney beans, and some oat groats, cooked in the Instant Pot, draining them, and rinsing with the cold water, when done.

While cooking those things, I got some sardines broken up, some feta diced up, a large bell pepper diced, a small piece of celery, chopped, a scallion chopped up, and a couple of green Thai peppers, minced up, along with some parsley. Then I mixed the beans and oats in, with just a simple olive oil and white wine vinegar, with some fish sauce, and a generous amount of fresh ground pepper, for the dressing. I just ate this rolled up in some of those pieces of the leaf lettuce, from the hydroponics.
Salad, with chickpeas, kidney beans, oat groats, sardines, bell and hot peppers, feta, and a few other things. by pepperhead212, on Flickr
Pitchers and catchers reported to spring training for my Guardians today. :love: In celebration of and anticipation for baseball season, we had hot dogs and beer. Pickles, potato chips, and pasta salad showed up, too. And a side bowl of baked beans which didn't make it into the photo.

We had wings, 2 flavors...Garlic Parm and Hot. They were great. We had coleslaw too and fresh French bread. I also made 2 batches of ice cream. Caramel and Chocolate. But we didn't have room for any ice cream. Kind of a celebration dinner, DH's doctor called with biopsy result: all clear -- see you in 3 months!! Woo hoo!!

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