Dinner Parties At The Old Place

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Jun 26, 2021
Parma, Ohio
One time it is roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, (maybe black) a veggie and usually rolls.

Next spaghetti and meatballs n sausage, usually with pieces of pork.

In summer, steaks. I would buy a beef tenderloin and just cut it into how many pieces to be one for each person.

Pizza, and that cost more than a pizza place to make.

Once in a while it be stew. And there's chili, but that came up rarely.

I had it good, due to the olman. We would go upstairs to smoke, (he did not like the smell of the non tobacco stuff) and the olman would start cleaning up.

I had also had a pretty kickass stereo up there. The neighbors actually liked the sound.

Not dinner parties, more small gatherings we may have had chop suey. Friend of mine was there once, and the olman's rice would always stick together. So I told him "Get a piece of rice and then..". He barely recovered from that, he thought it so funny. I mean if the chair was not so stout he would have literally been ROFL.

There are quite a few things we didn't do. Fish for example. Chicken. Lasagna would have been good, it would be the same recipe I got now.

So that was the deal, on Saturday all my people would show up, or try dying. (LOL)

What kind of dinner parties would you have ?

Probably more sophisticated food, pyolacontevoosekmoi or something.

But still interesting. Just think, you got money.

There were also times I took out a crowd. Restaurants, no matter how nice they are, are cruel. Like $200 for this crowd. Ouch, the bills were usually not that big. Have no idea about now and not much interest.

So cooking at home is the way to go. Share with friends that which you can make good.

Try it, we had a blast. Around people you know and like. Justt make the food good.

So again - YOUR dinner party...


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