Dinner Sunday April 17, 2022 ~ Happy Easter/Passover/Ramadan

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We had a typical Easter dinner - ham. Started out with Lucifer eggs (I made my deviled eggs a bit too devily), olives, beets, and tomatoes on a small bed of dressed greens. Sides for the ham were roasted potato halves, asparagus, Brussels sprouts with toasted walnuts and brown butter, and roasted carrots. Cracked open the bottle of Beaujolais from the cellar. Might have a few Aldi mini eclairs later... maybe. *burp*

How did you feast tonight?

Sou vide ham, sea breeze salad, Hasselback Poyato, home made cream corn, freshly made dinner rolls, sparkling strawberry juice, homemade strawberry shortcake with macerated fresh strawberries, and whipped cream. I'm pleasantly full, not stuffed. There was also a tray of fresh sliced strawberries, bananna,pineapple, and sweet green grapes. Way to much food was made. We'll be eating leftovers for a while. I think that we forgot to put the devilled eggs onto the table.

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My mother-in-law made meatloaf and served it with baby potatoes, boiled baby carrots, gravy, as well as crudités with dips.
My two daughters and grandson joined SO and me for Easter dinner.

My eldest made a layered Mediterranean dip and a salad. My youngest made my favorite deviled eggs and garlic bread. My grandson and I made chicken parm and SO made desserts.
Easter dinner was roasted turkey breast, stuffing, mashed red & yellow sour cream & chive potatoes, steamed asparagus, cranberry sauce, and pan gravy.

This may have been a mistake, but I had DH buy a spiral-sliced ham - and it's almost nine pounds! [emoji16] Lots of sandwiches coming his way!

So we had ham with honey-mustard sauce on the side, scalloped potatoes, green beans and a dinner roll - and a bit of baked sweet potato for me. DH is not a fan. Ice cream for dessert.
I just realized we had no Chocolate Candy yesterday. :ohmy:

SO made devilled eggs and a cherry cheese dessert. We had ham with a dijon apricot glaze, scalloped potatoes, lemon buttered asparagus and dinner rolls made from frozen dough balls.

I baked extra rolls for mini ham sammies. The breakfast of champions... and lunch and snacks and...
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