Dinner Thursday, January 20, 2022 ~ National Cheese Lover's Day

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Jul 21, 2009
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Nothing cheesy about dinner at our place tonight. However, with ham on tonight's menu, I expect that some of the leftovers might be paired with cheese down the road.

The ham is in the oven, a butternut squash waiting for its turn to join it. The other sides will be pan roasted baby potatoes, and maybe a bit of fresh broccoli.

What's cooking at your place?
Pan fried Smithfield smoked pork chop, arugula & baby spinach sautéed in butter and the pan drippings from chops and mashed potatoes.

Still not feeling 100%, so another easy supper. We had smoked salmon on bagels with cream cheese, capers, and sliced onions. There were also pickled cucumbers and pickled onions. I do love that cold smoked salmon.
Simple fare tonight, but right tasty. I don't know if it was the quality of the bone-in ham, or the sou Vide 140' F 18 hour cook time, but it was so very juicy, and the most tender ham I've ever eaten. The rest of the family shared scalloped potato, while I made creamed peas and mushrooms for myself. We all had Caesar's salad. I combined lemonade, one blood orange, and a fresh mango in the blender, and dumped in a bunch of ice cubes. The kids loved that. All in all, for the work put into it, it was an excellent meal. And, I tied 8 flies today, 2 parachute adams, 2 standard adams, 2 red fox dry flies, and a copper john. Yesterday i tied a Clouser Minnow, and learned how to make a Wonder wing. https://wetflyswing.com/the-wonder-wing-dry-fly-fly-tying-tutorial-with-al-beatty-video/ It was a good day.

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Way simple for us. Air fried wieners and used brioche buns as I had no hot dog buns. Mustard, mayo, relish and sliced yellow onion. Served with chips and called it dinner. :yum:

Chocolate pudding was dessert.

Looks good, mofet and CG.

I went back to my old neighborhood last night to get my hair cut. My barber is semi-retired, so he only cuts hair on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings now. I've been going to him since '92, so you go with who you know. Kinda like having a good mechanic. When you get a good one, you stick with them.

Afterwards, it wouldn't have made sense to drive all the way back home, just to turn around an hour later to head into work. So I hit up a local Hmart (Korean supermarket) for sushi for dinner at work tonight, and sashimi to bring home to have with my family tomorrow.

Tonight's dinner, at work: not bad for $13 for both


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