Do good and tasty food have to cook long?

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Sep 23, 2013
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Maybe,it depends on what you are preparing.If the waiting area is well groomed and entertained sure!Make it suitable for all kind of foodie lovers.Meat and poultry have preparation times.Veggies dont take that long as well as desserts.Giving your valuable customers something to wait to.Thumbs up for healthy and affordable cuisines.Make foreigners be coming back for more for homemade treats.Ask customers for tips on how to cook there favourite food quicker.If good and tasty food do take long what can be done to make it to speed up the process to cook delicious cuisines faster so consumers keep coming back for more.
I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one to ask "What?"
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I think the question is pretty clear. Putting with "Meals In Minutes" is not a bad move either. I will respond as I see fit, given what I understand of the question.

Things take as long to cook as they take, your carrots are not going to be tender in five minutes.

And for kash, it takes 55 minutes to boil the chicken, that is it. A roast takes some time.

Stock or broth can take up to 24 hours. My sauce takes several hours.

You can see the stock gradually become stock out of water, my sauce, you can taste it periodically and taste how the spices are gradually melding.

If you want things fast, cut them up thin and use a frying pan.

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