Does anyone ever tweak/modify their cookware?

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Sep 1, 2004
I was wondering, because I have done a little bit of this myself -- customizing a piece of cookware to better suit my needs.

Does anybody else do it, or am I the only one?
I bought a 20 qt aluminum clad bottom, stainless steel double boiler from a used restaurant supply store, and an extra insert. I took the insert to a metal fabricator, and had them drill colander holes in it like a spaghetti pot. The shop did a wonderful job, and it looks like it was manufactured that way.

Now I have a big double boiler, and when I need to blanch or steam large quanities of food, I use this colander insert. Works like a charm.
That's a heck of an idea, Choc, I never thought of that!!! I have access to machining equipment at work, I might just have to learn how to use the stuff! :cool:
Actually, I'm working an idea out in my head on how to manufacture a multiple-tiered steamer. The guy who runs the shop happens to be a good buddy of mine and he's a genius when it comes to working with metal. I'll ask for his thoughts, I know he'll have a ton of them!
Nice... I'll have to look into that.

I "inherited" a huge, expensive wok from my ex roomies (Ok, it was left behind by a Japanese girl who used to live there and I kept it when I moved since no one used it) and I've adapted quite a few little gadgets for using with it including a mesh net to put at the bottom of the pan when frying, a metal support to hold a bamboo steamer above the water when steaming and a couple more minor gadgets.
Yeah, we do it all the time. Cookers especially.
I Bend spoons, both eating and cooking I.E. slotted or otherwise, to facilitate better acsess to edges of sauce pots, and more "Ergonimic control of containing liquid, etc. :idea: :hammer: Vote 5 Stars for DC! :) Atomic Jed!

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