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Jun 27, 2005
Last week I was getting my coffee at the drive-thru. The car in front of me had a license plate holder with SB Spice Co. on it. Googled it up and found they are right here in town. Ordered two bottles of their El Capitan Seasoning and tried it out on a tri tip yesterday. It's something like Susie Q's, but not as salty and with a little something extra that I can't pin point. I attempted a version of Hasselbeck potatoes and failed miserably. I bought some salsa de molecajete to go along with the TT - no pic of that.


Oh Helen that looks sooooo good and that last pic is to die for. How are things up north? Bummer the chat room is gone I enjoyed keeping in touch with you. Do you have a AIM account? If so, I will send you my account info.
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