En Papillote -- Certain vegetables undercooked

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Thanks, Cathleen. But to drive Pepperheads212 point home, basically the problem of
either sautéing as well as roasting presumably is the great oil waste :) So somehow
it makes sense what he/she says with the steaming, I am just not sure exactly how long
to steam, I'll try this in the next days :)
klagd, you can still do your other vegies en papillote, use your minimal oil (per Kathleen) place them on another small "tray" of foil and throw them in the oven at the appropriate time beside your other foil package. No clean-up and beautiful roasted mushrooms not mushy or steamed.
I tried this again last night and it worked perfectly
-> One parcel purely for the mushrooms/herbs, so they can be cooked at their time (-> 15 minutes)
-> Finish with browning them in a sauté pan quickly

Today I tried a reverse-sear steak en papillote, which seems a terrible idea, so I think
I have to tackle this one next. The problem is the steak will be steamed and cook through
in minutes.
@dragnlaw: Thanks, yes I will try this one tomorrow. not using a parcel for them
but simply paper below, then at 180 C we will have baked mushrooms though
and not roasted because the temp is too low.
@dragnlaw: Great point I'll try this!

Just for the fun of it, I want to see if Beef Steak En Papillote can actually work with
precise temp control. I have seen a pretty funny YouTube Video on this today,
where somebody attempted to steam a steak with an inset, and he completely ruined
it. I'll try with 6 minutes in a 180 C oven this week.
This guy basically:

I tried what he did except picking correct timings for the meat, with a 7.5 mins
papillote I hit medium-rare, then I had plenty of room to finish the steak
by searing, and with butter basting it was really nice.
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