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Feb 20, 2011

Went to the farmer's market store. All either grown there or at other local farms. Strawberries at the top. Right side, a large zucchini you can barely see next to the egg plant. Left side, yellow squash and plum tomatoes. Can anybody guess what the 2 in the middle are? The 1 on the left is pretty common. The other not so much and it's origin is European, but it's also related to a multi use green grown in the U.S. south.
Chicory was my thought too for the one on the right. No clue for the one on the left!

BTW "dandelion greens" - what is this? We have a weed (or rather, a "wild plant") ahem, called dandelions here - the bane of anyone who is keen on their lawns! LOL I used to feed it to my guinea pig until I was told it was bad for them! Can it be the same plant? (it does look similar from the picture) But I can't imagine eating it! As kids it was very commonly held that if you even touched a dandelion you would not be able to stop going to the toilet!
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The left is dandelion greens, which the whole plant is edible, but you don't want to eat any where pesticides or herbicides have been used, or if your yard is used by dogs. Dandelion greens are a natural diuretic.

The right is related to chicory, but, again, is European in origin.
Really Awesome haul, I'd love having that come into my kitchen!
Maybe culantro on the left, I can't figure what it is on the right.
Medtran, are those fruit and veg in season for you guys? Would it be harder to get them locally in summer?
We have dandelion greens growing spontaneously all around our land, and wild chicory too, but I've never really been keen on eating these edible wild plants/greens. They are considered delightful specialities over here in Italy but I just ignore them 😕, perhaps my non-appreciation is because of my "urban lifestyle" origins, having been raised in London?
Katy, you are right in both. Here it is considered a horrid weed, the bane of luxurious lawns. Plus the French version is called "pisenlit" which means exactly as it sounds.! :-p

Young tender greens are (for some weird people [like my mother] and present members excluded) delightful. Salad or cooked, not sure which but probably both.
It is also made into wine... LOL... Dandelion Wine! Never had any but can be wicked stuff, especially homemade!

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