Father's Day Present

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Sous Chef
May 30, 2010
Thousand Oaks, CA
So this morning I fly into LAX from a business trip to Aspen, Colorado (where I had a bad case of altitude sickness all week); I get home and my 3 sons and my beautiful wife suprise me with a new grill/griddle/oven unit to add to my BBQ arsenal. The boys promptly mixed up a batch of hotcakes (plain & M&M) to cook on the new griddle (sorry no picks of that). Then for lunch we cooked up some chorizo and some italian sausage (I'll post those pics later) to break-in the grill.

Thanks family; you know how to bring a tear to my eyes!
To break in the new grill, I cooked up some chorizo, italian sausage, grilled veggies, bacon wrapped U/10 ct sea scallops, ribeye skewers with garlic/ginger marinade and baked potatoes w sour cream and chives.
That grill is nice! Saw one at Costco yesterday. There is enough stainless in that thing to outfit a restaraunt.
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