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May 15, 2011
South Florida
Lots of F's (just like in school... just kiddin') Hi. I'm Dave. Cooking is a hobby of mine and I love being creative in the kitchen. Often I take pictures of an exceptional meal either made at home or at a restaurant and share it on my Facebook foodie page. No major production or anything. I usually just snap it with my iPhone camera.

I like to teach what I know and learn what I don't... put it all into a mental blender and improvise! I like to inspire others to be creative. Anyway, :chef:

Have a great Sunday.

Good Morning from North Wales, I love Dim Sum.
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I love to make Dim Sum but also going to a restaurant that really does it right with lots of variety. Something fun about those carts coming by and seeing what they've got. A little mystery involved. Kind of like the salty version of a box of chocolates.

By the way, that's funny about the jury. Always good to get multiple opinions.
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I come from Liverpool where we have the oldest china town in Europe. A lot of Dimsum chefs fled China to Hong Kong then to the UK and America when Mao as part of the cultural revelution shut the Tea Houses and sent the chefs to the fields, his reason was that because people would spend a few hours eating and talking they must be plotting his downfall.
I know Miami quite well and was taken many times to a really good teahouse just off the south end of Kendal Drive. They did a great Lo Mai Gai which is my fav.
The strap line is Groucho Marx Karl's political mentor:)
Liverpool? I've never been. But I did get to visit Abbey Road studios with the guy who recorded the "I Am The Walrus" which was a priceless treat. I had a nice Ruby while I was there. ;) Love England. I also had this amazing beef carpaccio with chanterelles and truffle oil that to this day I have not been able to replicate... I can't get chantarelles to taste as good! It was a little restaurant near the hotel on the Thames River. Unexpectedly good. I was even with a snobby Italian from Modena at the time who was also surprised how good it was.

Anyway, Dim Sum is awesum. Love it. Thanks for the welcome as well!
Small world, in the late 80's I worked with EMI/Capital P out of Manchester Square, Abbey Road is not unknown to me in fact we had a party there in 88 when my best mate left EMI he later went to Warners LA as VP of International, he then dropped of the face of the earth having taken the familiar route to rehab:)
I am glad you like London all my living roots are there.The friday night ruby is a tradition.
My wife is from Pula in Istria Croatia where Fungi is the king clic on this link it is the home of the world record white truffle and is the mecca for all fungi lovers the Italian are very jealous of Croatian Evoo, Fungi, Fish and Croatian women are more beautiful:)
That's interesting. A party at Abbey Road must have been fun. I love discovering all of the best parts of the world. A dream job would be having a cooking show where you travel everywhere and report back what you've discovered. I do that anyway when I get the chance. Might play keyboards on a world tour at some point which would be a great opportunity to try a lot of things.

Interesting about the large truffles. I had a great experience in Modena with white truffles on fresh fettucine. Simple dish but exquisite. I love truffles!

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