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Mar 7, 2009
The wife said " Pondman!! after this one , if you build or buy another grill or smoker I'm moving my mother in with us. " Well to say the least she got my attention. Not that I don't love my mother- in-law,but fellas I think this could be the last one. Maybe!! Women just don't seem to understand that since the beginning of time man has had a need for fire, smoke, and meat. So here it is. Been wanting to build one of these for a while.Found some retaining wall blocks on sale at Southerlands and few other things to go along with some bricks and stuff I had around the house. I put it together for about 100 bucks. Its a little to hot now. I'll do a post when I fire it up for the 1st time.


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Pondman, It's a real work of art! The thing is beautiful. I think you and the misses and your mother in law are going to have many wonderful nights together roasting marshmallows over the pit and discussing all your faults. :LOL:
Lookin GOOD!

If she's a real P.I.T.A. you could complete the circle,
add a pond liner and turn it into a nice dunk tank
for charity!!

Love to see it fired up!

Too Funny. The misses just shot my Santa Maria grill down. Might be able to build that though. I can smell the Red Oak now....

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