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Craig Camp

Assistant Cook
Oct 4, 2004
Lombardia, Italy
VinoCibo.com Web Selection Featured wines 9/24/04

Azienda Agricola Eredi Fuligni, Montalcino

The wines of Eredi Fuligni have a a very short time reached the very pinnacle of winemaking in Montalcino and their wines are among the finest sangiovese produced vintage after vintage. What stands out about these wines is their astounding completeness. Everything is in balance, yet dramatic and exciting and their wines exhibit a rare and exciting purity of sangiovese character. Under the guidance of Roberto Fuligni with his aunt and winery co-owner, Maria Flora Fuligni, this has become one of Tuscany's premier estates.

2002 Fuligni Rosso di Montalcino
Brilliant bright ruby with just the slightest tinge of garnet at the edge. Just translucent. Elegant, lively nose full of fresh roses, vanilla, creamy ripe cherry and layers of mineral and spicy raspberry notes. Refined, with almost a perfect balance on the palate. Complex dark fruit, touches of cassis and firm mineral with touches of iodine. Tremendous finish of spices, cassis and rounded integrated tannins. Wonderful. (Rating A: Excellent and worth a special search of the market, drink now and over the next two years)
1999 Fuligni Brunello di Montalcino
Brilliant ruby, just translucent. Shows both concentration and elegance. A unique combination bitter, sweet fruit and floral aromas and flavors. A nose of fresh roses, bitter cherry and dark chocolate leads to an explosion of complexity on the palate. The tannins are substantial, but well rounded and balanced by the deep ripe dark fruit finish. Extraordinary wine with great balance. (Rating A++: an extraordinary must have wine that requires at least 8 years of aging to show its best)

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