Getting Glass Bakeware Clean?

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taxy, I'm having a real hard time imagining a knife of any sort cutting glass. Once that happened, have you continued to use a knife with the glass? Aren't you concerned about glass dust/particles?
I use a dental drill to etch on glass but these tips have diamond dust on them.

Edit: are you confusing a remark I mentioned of dinner knives leaving a mark on white dinner plates?
Yeah, I have a hard time imagining it too, but I can see it. It's not a lot, but enough that I don't want more.

And no, I'm not confusing it with the other reply with the white dinner plates.
...that's even scraping them with a spatula or a dinner knife on the rare occasion when it's really thick.
I don't use a dinner knife to cut lasagna into serving portions. I use something sharper.
oh boy... LOL - this conversation is too funny! I meant scraping them (the pan)with a spatula or a rounded end dinner knife to get off the really thick burnt on gunk on the glass pan, before using the steel wool.
Yes, of course I would use a sharp knife to cut out serving pieces too. But back then, when I was making it I was using a metal pan. Always tried to be careful with a knife scratching the metal pan. Didn't have a lot of glass baking dishes back then but if I did I would have used them rather than have the metal getting scratched.
But ttt, I rarely, make lasagna anymore, think it has been eons.

Edit: But.... I did just find a picture of a single serving scalloped potatoes I made at the beginning of the month. I cheated and soaked for a couple of days as I'd also just had the surgery that day, so it was an easy clean. LOL
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Thank you Kathleen - it was! Love that I've can now enjoy dishes that used to be for full family servings down to 2 servings. Unfortunately I usually gobble up both servings. :pig::angel:
It can be hard to scale down recipes. I keep toying with the idea of small desserts, but....well, I'm not a good baker, and I really love dessert. :pig: :chef:
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