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Dec 14, 2007
escondido, calif. near san diego
guy here tonight from synergy, an off shoot of our power company. they try to help you with lowering your energy bill. looks like i will get a wrap for hot water heater. weather stripping , light bulbs. also maybe a new refrigerator. wouldn't that be cool. it is a program to help low income people to save on their bills. it is free.

i had them here once before and they gave me a lot of the new fangled light bulbs. free is always good as far as i am concerned. since i am on ssi i qualify. should hear from them in a week or so. the guy tonight was just gathering info. he did leave me some of the new energy saving bulbs for my dining room and for the fan lights. :idea::idea:
The National Grid or National Greed as it is affectionately known in my area ran a similar program a couple of years ago. I know a couple of folks that were helped a great deal to reduce the monthly bill by about 20% with the improvements they made. Only one person I know refused the refrigerator because they felt it was too small. I think they were nuts! I would have gladly taken it!
Ask them if they do anything with updating air conditioning. In this area they provided some assistance if you could show a health related issue.
They also provided interest free loans for energy related improvements for those folks that own a home.
Good luck!

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