Grandma's Rotisserie - no manual

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Sep 26, 2010
Hi. I just found my grandmother's vintage rotisserie and got it all cleaned up. It still works, but I have no manual. I don't know how it works or if it's missing important parts. I've spent hours online trying to find help.:wacko: It is a Nesco Gourmet Rotisserie CAT# N-166A; Nesco Industries, Inc, St. Louis. I can't even find a Nesco based in St. Louis. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading this. :)
Howdy! Welcome to DC.

I found Nesco's website. I didn't see a manual for any rotisserie online but they do have an online contact form. Ask them about your specific model. This information might be kind of hard to come by.

It sounds like a great find and I hope you'll be able to get it sorted out.

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Thank you SSOOOO much!! I'll contact them now. Geez - how did you ever find their info??

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