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Jul 14, 2004
I had two very good experiences today. First I found a full service butcher and deli about a mile from my house. They have a cool name too, Sir Loins :) Their meat selection looked very good and there deli options were decent. For deli they do not have as big a selection as the supermarket, but their prices are better and they do have the basics. I liked how they asked what I was cooking with the things I was buying. I will become very good friends with the people at this shop!!!

The next good thing that happened was I found that my supermarket now carries ugly ripe tomatoes. They taste much better than the other tomatoes they have been carrying lately.
UGLY ripe tomatos??!! :shock:
Yeah that is what they are called and they really are ugly. They grow in Florida and I know a while ago some bigwigs in FL decided that they did not want to let ugly ripe growers sell their tomatoes outside of FL because they did not look pretty and would give FL a bad name. Can you say stupid? I am glad that it seems that the tides have changed and we can now get these delicious tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes, not flavorless pieces of red stuff.
I have never heard of them. I wonder if they have those where i live?
we get them here now too, but the on-the-vine ripened organics (sorry lugaru) are just as good.

the butcher sounds great gb. my parents always had a milk delivery - a milkman, and also patronized the butcher in town. for the few cents extra, you got better service, better quality, and kept a good person in business that cares about their customers.
I have not seen them here but we get the "vine ripened" that are very good. However I can't wait to grow our own. Yummy! I love tomatoes with fresh ground pepper and celery salt.
We get them here but they are called ugli tomatoes. Speaking of a good day shopping, the store where I shop ran a promotion where you get a certain % off a future order based on how much you spend during the qualifying period. With the 20% discount, BOGO's, sale items, coupons I paid $118.16 for what would have cost $217.58. I was pleased:) .
what a great deal purrfect! i've found that about the best you can ever do with supermarkets is 50 percent off. to do it over 200 bucks is really something.
I was watching a show on the food network yesterday. It was about the "coupon queen". This lady had so many coupons that she collected and used that when she went shopping her bill came out to 172.$ using all her coupons she only paid $7.89. I couldn't believe it. she walked out with a buggy full of groceries and only paid 7$ for that whole buggy.
Wow - sounds like you did get two great deals, GB!

Nothing beats a real butcher, or fish monger! Sounds like you found one.

The ugly tomato is based on an old heriloom variety ... ugly in appearance but full of flavor. Personally, I don't care how ugly it looks - I'm interested in it's flavor.
UGLY ripe tomatos??!! :shock:

am I being a twit or something?? What are ugly ripe tomatoes, I am assuming they are the tasteless ones we are now finding at the grocers. I will be glad when Saturday Market opens nere in a couple of weeks.
norgeskog said:
What are ugly ripe tomatoes, I am assuming they are the tasteless ones we are now finding at the grocers.
Actually they are quite the opposite. They are full of flavor. They are not the prettiest tomatoes out there. They are not perfect round little globes, but as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. The Ugly Ripe is...well..ugly (OK not really, but they are not what you would call pretty), but boy do they taste good. I have not tasted a tomato with as much tomato flavor since summer when I grew my own.
Heck, they look like small, red pumpkins in that picture and I don't think pumpkins are ugly! And of course, still no Ugly Ripes in Central Ohio, at least not that I'm aware of. :roll:
The name ugli Tomatoes is wonderful:LOL:. Here in germany they are called Fleischtomaten (Meat tomatoes) We use them alot to cook with (stews and co.)but they also taste good cold.:p
I'm glad you found them, GB! My stores only ended up having them for a couple weeks. :cry: I told the produce manager how much I liked them but he said they didn't sell well--he thinks because of the name. Unreal. Like you said, they don't look that awful at all. And they're as close in taste and texture as you'll get to a garden-fresh tomato this time of year.
GB said:
Here is a picture of what they look like

These creatures look like the organic heirloom tomatoes I get here in Eugene at the Saturday Market (open from end of March through end of December). The are marvelous, especially that yellow one.

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