Gudetama Salted Egg Yolk Potato Chips Review....

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Nov 8, 2004

Back to the big asian food store for this potato chip item.

I opened up the bag and got a string smell for sure.

This potato chip sure did have seasoning on it.

I think it did have that salted egg flavor to it.

Was not that impressed here.

Chips were not that crispy.

A medium sized thumb up here at best.
I've actually found a lightly salted chip that compares to Lay's at our No Frills grocer in the no name brand! I was flabbergasted to say the least.
I would have said for the salt content it is even lighter than Lay's but still enough to satisfy. Only drawback, have had several bags now, and each seem to have a slightly overcooked (not burnt) taste.
But I can handle that for the two things.
1. the less salt and
2. the price!
Bag of Lay's is $3.33 Family size, (cheapest sale $ I've found but usually $3.79)
and the No Name bag is $1.59.
Wow. A bag of "party size" (which is a mere 12 ounces now compared to 16 ounces at one point) Lay's here is around $5.69. It's beyond stupid, but it's the only bagged snack I will pay the money for. Everything else is either purchased on sale or a cheaper brand is selected.

I'm so used to the lightly-salted Lay's now that other potato chips are way too salty for me.
Well, yes because to buy them individually at almost $4.00 comes to about the same. Still that's a wowser price for US $$!!
It is indeed. And it will probably never go back down again, like everything else. Stores/manufacturers are charging these ridiculous prices now just because they can.

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