Habanero Jelly

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Washing Up
Jan 21, 2005
Habanero Jelly

Yields: 7 half-pint jars

  1. 3 large fleshy orange bell peppers
  2. 5 to 10 ripe habanero peppers
  3. 1 1/2 cups distilled white vinegar
  4. 7 cups sugar
  5. 9 fl oz liquid fruit pectin (Certo or equivalent)

  • Remove stems, seeds and membranes from all peppers (use gloves when handling the habaneros...yes... seriously... USE GLOVES!).
  • Put peppers and the vinegar in a blender and process until smooth.
  • Combine pepper-vinegar puree and all the sugar in a non-corrosive pan. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer, and cook for twenty (20) minutes.
  • Remove from heat and strain through cheesecloth into another pan.
  • Add pectin and bring to a full rolling boil while stirring. Boil about one minute, remove from heat and ladle into sterile jars.


Chef Extraordinaire
Mar 1, 2002
Boston and Cape Cod
Couple of notes from a mind that has made about a zillion batches of ths stuff. The requests from friends and strangers are endless.

  • Red peppers are sometimes cheaper than yellow peppers (tho these dys sometimes they are the same price: expen$ive). Red ones work just as well, if not better (better color).
  • The more peppers you use the hotter the jelly (duh), but also the fuller the fruity hab flavor will be. So, you'll need to experiment. I've made jelly with 6 peppers (deseeded) and 15 peppers (deseeded). The 6 wasn't hot or tasty enough for me. The 15 was quite hot and tasted great.
  • I've now settled on 12 habs, 6 seeded and 4 not. You do not necessarily need to remove the seeds and membranes. But if you don't, the jelly will be much hotter (that's where the capsaicin lives). Remember, you strain the jelly, so they will not be in the final product.
  • The ratio of 7 cups of sugar to one packet of Certo is strict. Don't cut back on sugar!
  • A T or so of the strained solids stirred back into the jelly can be nice.
  • WEAR GLOVES and have several changes of them handy. Wash your knife, cutting board and anything else that touched the peppers in hot, soapy water immediately after use. If you run them through the dishwasher you'll probebly need to do it twice.
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