Hamburger juice ruined my recipe

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Nov 9, 2020
I always throw out the juice from frying hamburger because it changes the taste of a recipe. I forgot to do that this time when making mac and cheese with hamburger added and it gave the taste of the dish something that wasn't good. Can anyone relate?
That's too bad georgevan. Yeah, it can happen. I'm sure it's happened to me I just don't remember any specifics.
I think it really depends on what you are making. Sometimes the fat from the beef is a good addition, other times not.
Yikes, I am so sorry...

I've learned to repurpose food when these little oopsee daisies happen. I would throw in a can of beans and some enchilada sauce and BOOM ..instant chili mac.
When you cook solid meats, the juices are almost all fat, and it is good when used in the dish. With ground beef, a lot of the liquid in the pan is water, with a little fat. That does not taste good.

most all ground beef will give up some water (and fat....) when fried.
if the ground beef has been frozen&thawed, you'll get some 'extra' water, as the freezing ruptures some the meat cells.

typically I just keep on frying - the water will evaporate. you really can't brown ground beef if there is water in the fry pan, all the 'heat' get absorbed by boiling/evaporating the water and the ground beef does not get hot enough to brown.
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