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Oct 7, 2009
San Diego CA
Cooked some ribs with a couple of new WSM accessories I have had for a while and never even opened the boxes until today, I used my WSM and added a ProQ stacker and then New Weber hanging system and hung some ribs I picked up from Sams Club. Seasoned them with some Bad Byrons Butt rub and cooked them over mesquite lump, no wood added. WSM ran at 225 pretty much the whole cook too. This is the first time I have cooked on the WSM with the water pan and clay saucer I used removed.

3 racks of ribs hanging along with a few scraps I trimmed off

Ribs after 5 hours of cooking

Sauced on the ribs for dinner and back in the WSM for another 30 minutes. The other 2 racks were vac sealed and went into the freezer.

Ribs resting

Then sliced

My plate. The trimmings that were smoked were chopped up and added to some Ranch Style beans and Collar greens. Also made some cole slaw too. These weren't the best ribs I have ever BBQed but they certainly were some of the prettiest.
When they fall off the hooks, into the fire, you know they were done! Nice plate, even though I find it hard to believe you only ate 2 bones;) Get them stems outta the collards next time and thank me later!
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