Happy Birthday Polished Topaz

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Sous Chef
Aug 25, 2004
East End of Long Island
LMAO.....since the birthday list is "in limbo" happy birthday to me on 3/17............ya'll have some green beer and stuff for me. Oh and I will be expecting a large turn-out for my party at the cafe {nudge nudge wink wink} say...........5 pm????:LOL:
Rats!! I will be working during your party at the cafe tomorrow, PT. You can have my slice of birthday cake. Best wishes for a good day tomorrow.
Hey PolishedTopaz...what time zone we talking for that party??? Oh and Happy Early Birthday too!
happy birthday pt !!! i i don't know if i can make it to the cafe so you can have my cake too. oh and my green beer cause i don't drink. anyway hope it's a good one. have alot of fun !!
Have a happy birthday PT!!!!!! I expect there will be parties in the streets and parades and every bar full celebrating your birthday!!!!!!!!!

Happy, Happy, Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dove and I will be there..That is if they will allow her in. Heck! It's our place right? She will wear her party hat and will woof woof you a happy birthday.

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