Happy New Year ~ 1/1/2024 ~ Official Dinner Thread

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Aug 2, 2014
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I haven't been able to make a proper Holiday Meal, oh, awhile now, what with someone being sick!
I made it easy on myself aka I had all of these ingredients in the house already!
Jennie-O Turkey Tenderloin
My homemade Stuffing Casserole ala my Grandma Eva (it has Lingucia in it)
Real Mashed Potatoes (not instant Potato Flakes)
steamed Green Beans
and gravy to pour all over the plate!

No Holiday Meal is complete from my DH without Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

And for dessert a little later, my all from scratch Apple Crostata aka my take on Apple Pie, DH's favorite.
Antipasti salad. Greens were arugula, watercress, and baby spinach lightly dressed with balsamic and EVOO, S and P. Toppings were from 12 o'clock prosciutto, shaved ParmR, marinated roasted red bell and sauteed onion slices, marinated mozzarella pearls, marinated mushrooms.

I'm doing this again rather than just antipasti alone.
There was too much mess left from yesterday. I was feeling the wine from yesterday too, so we ordered out. We tried a new burger place. We both had build your own burgers. DH had a beef patty and stuff. I had crispy chicken and stuff. Pretty good. We will no doubt order from them again.
I made Hoppin' John. I shared it with a few of my neighbors. We will all be having good luck this year. FAT CHANCE!!! The only reason I made it was to use up the bag of black eyed peas I had left over from last year.
I too made Hoppin' John. With cornbread. That was lunch and we shared to DH's mom. Good stuff and I made it at other times of the year too! Dinner was Mediterranean Shrimp Scampi with Tomato Salsa & Rice Pilaf...also very yummy!
We were all about 'planned overs' until late last night. I saw a black olive with cheese broiled on toast which looked so good. (it was one of you here I'm pretty sure) I made up some tofu cream w/lemon, garlic, onion, nutritional yeast, mixed it with sliced black olives and slathered it on toast, baked at 400 deg F for 30 minutes. It was delicious. Mr bliss had that for breakfast it was so good.
New Year's Eve breakfast was sausage, biscuits, and over-easy eggs.

New Year's Eve and Day:
Macaroni salad

Bread, potato salad, macaroni salad, two bean salad, olive salad. Above plate salsa and blue cheese dip. Also had a turkey and stuffing sandwich that I didn't get a picture of.

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