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Apr 21, 2010
I started making my own mayonnaise at home (using olive oil) so that I could make my own ranch dressing that is olive oil based rather than soybean oil based like all store bought varieties are.

The problem is that Olive Oil has a very overpowering taste (compared to the bland soybean oil used in most every ranch recipe).

Because of this, I can't get the mayonnaise/ranch to taste anything at all like store bought stuff.

My primary concern here was incorporating the healthiness of Olive Oil into by diet while simultaneously removing the bad omega-6 rich soybean oil. I will not sacrifice health for taste, but it sure would be nice to make something that tastes more like that yummy chemical-concoction I buy at the stores ;)

Any "less powerfully flavored" replacements for olive oil that are still super healthy? I've never heard of any. It's always "olive oil this" and "olive oil that"
dirtyc, you could try using grapeseed oil in place of the oo.

it has some of the same health benefits (antioxidants), but it has a higher flashpoint and a much milder taste.
The oil you are using has a strong taste because it is most likely extra virgin. Try buying just regular Pure Olive Oil which has much less flavor.
Go for Light Olive Oil. The light OO refers to the flavor. It's the same oil but a lighter flavored version.
I agree, use the light or pure olive oil. I also use Walnut oil in salad dressings. It has a slightly sweet taste. Don't know if that would fit in with your health plan, though.
Yes - I am using Extra Virgin. I've read all over the internet and in magazines/books that that is the best kind.

However, if there is very little (or no) nutrition lost from "downgrading" to just a pure olive oil or a light olive oil then I will.

BTW - what is "light" olive oil. Does that mean that it starts from a type of olive that is fundamentally "light"? Or does it mean that it is extra virgin that has sort of somehow been diluted a little to become more light?

I'm really try to avoid processed foods in anyway if I can.
Light olive oil is 100% olive oil, just as extra virgin is. The difference is that it is a milder tasting oil due to processing/filtering.
Interesting question, I have found the same problem, oo overwhelms the mayonnaise. I will certainly try the other two options as suggested
canola oil has many of the same properties as olive oil.

What makes extra virgin olive oil kinda unique is the lack of processing it takes to get it. Other oils need a bit to quite a bit more.
I second Canola oil. Although most of my cooking is done with extra-virgin olive oil, Canola is what I use for Asian stirfry dishes or anything else that requires oil but where I don't want the flavor of the extra-virgin olive oil.

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