Hell Hole Swamp Festival

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Jack W.

Sous Chef
Mar 1, 2005
N. Charleston, SC
I just got back from a trip to Jamestown SC, for the Hell Hole Swamp Festival. Nice festival, there was a BBQ contest hooked up with it. 17 entries. Most of the BBQ was good to very good. The top three entries have been the best I have tasted since I started judging last October. I'll note that it's the best that "I" have tasted. The Mytle Beach winner was there but I failed to see how he placed. The top five deserved to be the top five. I might have shuffled them around a little but they were the top five.

Here is a note for competitiors. The difference between the first and second place rested solely in heat. The second place finisher had a hotter BBQ than the first place. Most everybody judged it down for heat. I didn't, I think BBQ needs to have a kick. Just a thought. :idea:

Good Q today!

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