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Adele Griffiths

Assistant Cook
Oct 9, 2010
Hi Everyone

I am a brand new member writing from Cape Town and I love your forum already!

As an introduction, I need to say that I am a busy wife and mother, who works full-time at the Classified Advertising Dept of a major South African Newspaper. In addition to this, I am also studying part-time.

Doesn't leave me much time to cook I'm afraid! But I do love coming home at the end of a deadline-driven day, pouring a glass of red wine (which we are lucky to have in abundance and at good prices) in the Western Cape :), listening to some Michael Buble (or similar) and creating something good to eat!

My challenge though is this: time, time management and a fairly ;) high cholesterol and blood sugar level - boring, boring boring! Need to find ways to create tasty dishes in minimum time and using healthy, fresh ingredients which I do love - but have to make the time to shop for. So my question is this: Are there other members of this forum, who face my dilemma and if so, do they have some helpful tips and support for this slightly frazzled, too busy mum, who also shares their passion for good food and red wine? All healthy (but not toooo healthy)!!! suggestions appreciated...
Welcome! We have many international members and are always interested in what foods are different where you live. Enjoy DC! I'm sure lots of people will help you with your time dilemna (we're retired, so time is on our side!).
Hello and Welcome to DC! Have fun!

I too, have high cholesterol, also Hypertension , DH has Diabetes, Hypertension, CHF and COPD. I am always looking for good food and recipes. Maybe we can help each other!
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