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May 10, 2002
Edmonton, Alberta
Not a newbie, but a terrible absentee. Thought I’d just give everyone a little update and then try to visit more often.

Both my girls grew up and moved out last summer. Hard but I survived and began to remember how much fun it is to just be a couple again. Had to relearn how to shop and cook for two. Much cheaper! Kate is working at the university as a Regulator. Which basically means they pay her to monitor the folks doing cardiac research and make sure they do it properly. I told her she’s now a professional nag. ? Maddie finished 3 years of her science degree here and got accepted to Vet school in Saskatoon. That’s a pretty big deal as they only take a few students from Alberta. She’s in her second year there now and is doing well. She came home to work at a vet clinic here over the summer so I had to shift gears AGAIN when she left. Dang it I hate that goodbye.

Ken is happily working at CBC as a relief, he works about 3/4 time and then has some time to putter around here. He built me some beautiful planter boxes this spring (12x4) and we’re experimenting with what works well. Cucumber, beans and spinach are a yes, radishes and carrots a weirdly a no.

Our beloved Murray passed October 2016 and Georgie the maniac joined our family in July of 2017. I said I wanted a mixed breed, medium sized dog so that we would have her longer than our Goldens. 9 years is too short a lifespan. Well, what we THOUGHT was a shepherd/retriever cross turns out to be a St Bernard mix, possibly Rottweiler in there. Sigh. She’s a pony. 86lbs at 18 months and the vet tells me she’s about to start putting on her adult weight. Gulp. How big is she going to be??? Time will tell I guess.

As for me, I went back to full time work a while ago, and for the last 4 years I’ve been leading my team. It’s been a challenge trying to balance everything and so sadly, you folks were one of the bits that I let slide. I think I’ve found a balance in life again and I’m starting to get back to the kitchen for fun and not just necessity. I also started getting myself more active and fit about 2 years ago, and a good thing I did! Had a little scare last May with some random pancreatitis. Didn’t realize quite how bad it was til afterwards. Fortunately, I’d been getting in shape so it didn’t knock me out of the game, just sidelined me for a bit. I’m a mystery, they can’t figure out what caused it, so I don’t know what to avoid. I just listen to my body and if I get a twinge, I LISTEN! Saddest bit for me is that coffee is not tolerated at all. Stupid pancreas. I’m a tea girl now, but oh boy do I miss my coffee. Ken has picked up the slack for me there. :ROFLMAO:

Missed you all and look forward to catching up. Post a little note about the last oh...5 years or so and bring me up to speed.
Oh, and it turns out that my lemon addiction is excellent for pancreatic stuff. Who knew? Costco sells me a LOT of lemons!
Alix, it's great to have you back! Not much changed here except our grandson is now 11 YO and moving up to middle school next week (6th grade).
11?! Yikes! Great age though. Bet you’re having fun.

Want a scrabble game sometime?
Welcome back Alix! I'm glad you are back. My youngest moved out in 2014, all out of the nest. Then middle moved back in 2016. He's helpful on the heavy lifting and the heavy eating. We still have big gardens, do lots of canning, DH retired. I started making cheese 2 years ago. We're always changing, learning something.
Awesome, Alix! Great to have you back. We're still havin' fun and have added a number of new DC family members.

Glenn and I are doing well and I find it amazing that as of this last June, Buck has been gone 10 years. Where does the time go?!
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Hello, Stranger!
Glad to see you around again, Alix. After our encounter in the "Gingerbread" thread, I was wondering how things are going with your family. Glad to see you're settling into a new routine. Good luck with your new "puppy".

"Stuff" is still pretty much status quo with us. Still in MA, kids both still in OH. Getting old and creaky and making it harder to move from here to there. I'm thinking of selling the house completely furnished. If Himself is sitting in his recliner, I might even throw him in as a bonus - no extra charge. :D
Welcome home, Alix...

I came to DC during your absence and from the responses to your new postings, I'm looking forward to reading your offerings.. :)
So nice to see you back, Alix! I left work for medical reasons six years ago and became a master gardener volunteer. It's lots of fun. I also started doing more baking, which I had not done much before.

Our garden didn't do great this year - we had a long, cold, rainy spring, so planting was late. Then it got hot. Steady, but not like previous years. On the other hand, we have a third season here - average first frost isn't until mid-November so we'll plant fall crops soon. Looking forward to cooler weather.
Awesome, Alix! Great to have you back. We're still havin' fun and have added a number of new DC family members.

Glenn and I are doing well and I find it amazing that as of this last June, Buck has been gone 10 years. Where does the time go?!

I was just thinking of you and Buck on my drive home from my workshop today. Not sure what made me think of you guys but you were there in my head as I sat in tunnel traffic.
And this is why this place is so fantastic. I depart for years and yet I peek in the door and am received with open arms. I love catching up with all of you. I'm on my phone so I can't type effectively but will reply properly tomorrow.
So good to see you Alix..you have been missed for sure. Every time someone posts on the Petty Vents thread I think of you and your vented knickers. :LOL::ohmy::ROFLMAO:
Welcome home darlin'.:flowers:
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