How do you like your eggs?

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Feb 22, 2003
the great fly-over
the discussion that broke out on grits made me think of another food which everyone has a different way of eating--eggs.
i've seen so many people put things on their eggs that i consider 'weird': tabasco, ketchup, syrup, mayo, etc.
my favorite way to eat eggs is something my mom made for me when i was young: hard boiled, mashed up with lots of butter & salt. yum!
I like my eggs either poached or soft boiled, the yolks HAVE to be runny. I can tolerate some coarsely ground black pepper on my eggs, but no other adulteration is necessary.

Oh and I love scrambled eggs, but made with cream.......I have never had my cholesterol checked......better not to know!!!!
Yup, that's good, Carnivore. But then so is soft boiled, poached,fried sunny-side up, scrambled, omelettes .............eggs are good!
I like mine soft scrambled with cheese or about any type of omlette you can come up with. Or I should say I did...Doc says that I don't like sweets anymore, or junk food and to watch my carbs.He is no fun at all!
Dove :cry:
I have to watch my cholesterol as there is heart disease in my family, so usually I'm very good about watching my fat & cholesterol intake - but one thing I first tried when we moved to the USA 4 years ago was Eggs Benedict - and it is now my No. 1 favourite way of eating eggs. I do limit myself to only having them on the rare occasions we eat breakfast out - about once every 3 months or so - a delectable treat!

I like my eggs scrambled. I add 1 tablespoon of butter to the pan. I usually scramble 5 eggs with a little milk, pepper, garlic salt added. Once the are setting up a little I add sliced about 5 or 6 sliced green onions. then right before there done I add some shredded cheese. Let melt a little bit. Then they are good to go...Yummmy..!

My grandpa (former chicken farmer) once said, and I quote: "there's no such thing as a bad egg, but some aren't quite as good as the others".

I, however, only like them if they are poached, fried, scrambled, dropped, deviled, etc. Back in the old days I was partial to the western or Denver omelette sandwich on toast with plenty salt and pepper. I was considerabley younger then. :LOL:
I have always believed that the only time eggs are bad for you is when they are separated ;) - my Mother in Law will throw away perfectly good yolks to make scrambled eggs with 3 whites and 1 yolk.....horrors!

Of course if you recombine them in the finished dish - like a cake or use the whites in part of the dish and the yolks to make something like Hollandaise sauce...that's perfectly ok!

Other that that I just plain love eggs any old way!

Of course if they are poached or fried the yolks should look like a sauce - and if they are hard boiled the yolks should almost bounce!
I like eggs pretty much any way you fix them. I like omelets, quiche, scrambled with sour cream and cheese, fried, boiled, poached in eggs benedict, and meringue on pies. Eggs are not as high in cholesterol as people generally thought, but the yellow is where all the "bad" stuff is. Wouldn't you know that's my favorite part.

As for cholesterol, yes I have one. Whether it be high or low, I could care less. I'm going to die one day and I want to go happy.
We eat alot of scrambled eggs here since that is what my husband likes. I cant eat fried eggs in front of him. It grosses him out. Get the pan nice and hot, add the egg, sunny side up get the plate and take it out it is done. Okay so it reallly isn't cooked that well but I love them like that. When my younger brother wrestled in high school they used to drink raw eggs. I've done that too and it wasn't half bad. Sorry didn't mean to gross anyone out. ;)
I hated eggs as a kid, but now I can eat them pretty much any way, shape, or form! I love omelettes, scrambled, deviled, egg salad, poached, and (the one I used to especially hate) fried. BUT if I eat a fried or poached egg, if the yolk isn't completely runny, I can't eat it. I want the whites done, but the yolk liquid. I love fried eggs (as described) on corned beef hash. I haven't had it in years, as I don't like most brands of corned beef hash. I think the brand my mom used that I liked was Libby's. I'm going to have to try that again soon. Served with English muffins, this was a perfect Sunday night supper!

:) Barbara
The ONLY way I dont like eggs is over-cooked.

I do prefer a few splashes of hot sauce on my omletts or scrambleds unless of course we are having sausage gravy and biscuits with scrambleds then some of the gravy goes ont he eggs.

Other wise a bit of S&P is just fine by me.

Whenever my aunt orders fried eggs in a restaurant she tells them to cook it until it is as hard as a rock, and then cook it again! YUCK!

:) Barbara

Might as well just slap a couple of those fried egg refridgerator magnets on her plate and be done with it!

I enjoyed them poached when I was a kid, haven't had them that way in AGES. I'll still eat them scrambled, but MUCH prefer hard boiled. Hard boiled eggs are one of my favorite guilty pleasures. But there's none so guilty for me as Egg McMuffins.
my mothers favorite was to put a can of cream of mushroom and some extra mushrooms in when you beat the eggs .then just soft scramble um until just right , also loved it with hash ohhhhh ma god im gettin hungry :D
i like sunny side up eggs....if it's scrambled, there should be other ingredients inside like onions with cheese or mushrooms. don't like plain scrambled eggs

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