How you wrap burger during travelling

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Jan 22, 2024
Most of the food that you take with you during travelling mostly packed or wrap like sandwiches, pieces of fruits, cheese and also burgers.
I personally use plastic containers or wrap it up.

Let's share your experience and tips and tricks how you travel with burgers.
Sorry, I have no suggestion. I can't remember traveling and worrying about burger. We usually stop and buy burgers. Anything made with hamburger is eaten at home before the travel happens
Usually, I wrap the burger in baking paper, which reduces the likelihood of ingredients spreading out and helps absorb excess moisture.
LOL - like the others, when and/or if I were to travel with a hamburger, it would be held in one hand, steering wheel in the other, pray I don't dribble down my shirt. During all this I would be taking bites til it is all gone. Then I'd start on the fries (or sometimes fried onions) or even sometimes a potato galette.

Edit to add:
the paper used to wrap the burger is the one supplied by the fast food joint where it was bought.
If I am driving far enough to need food along the way, I stop and eat someplace. If I remember to do some research in advance, or I am traveling a route I travel on a regular basis, I stop someplace really good to eat something I really like, or really want to try. It is also an opportunity for a bathroom break and some rest from the road.

Between Dallas and Houston, a trip I've driven hundreds of times, Woody's Smokehouse has good BBQ, burgers, and jerky/sausages. Buc-ee's (the world's largest gas stations) has the nicest public restrooms on the planet, and some good food, too.

I don't travel with burgers for longer than the time it takes to eat one in the car 😁


That's what I was thinking. I don't find that burgers travel well. Even take out or delivery burgers tend to be noticeably less good by the time you can eat them. And a really good, juicy hamburger will make the bun soggy.
I personally packed by food on plastic container but not "burgers".

If you really wrap burgers during traveling hope this is helpful.

Gary I doubt many of us here sell Hamburgers commercially. There would be no need for us to purchase that product. You would be far better off canvasing the fast food outlets.
The hamburgers I buy are already wrapped in paper to go.

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