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Sous Chef
Nov 23, 2008
A Hollar in Northern Iowa
It's a huge injector. Well, I ain't spendin what them yahoo's wan't so.


I'm buildin one a my own. It consists of a 1 gallon sprayer, new of course, a hose barb fittin an a shut off valve complete with needle.

I ain't wen't an bought the jug yet, but there bout 9 bucks, the barb fittin bout 3 bucks an the valve an needle, best part, free!

Here be the valve an needle.


I took an sharpened the end a the needle then cut slots around it so the injection can spray out the sides to. The valve an needle er made a brass.

Total cost fer this build, bout 12 bucks, beats the 60 er so bucks they wan't fer one!

I'll post some picks when the whole thin is done.
Dang good job there Senor Hillbilly. Believe a person could inject a Rhinoserous with that gizmo.

That's funny man. You could inject a whole hog with that sucker!! Make a video using it!! That would be a classic!!!

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