I have a question about Chicago Metallic...

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Nothing wrong with Chicago Metallic that I ever noticed ... except they are not elephant proof. Trust me, if you have a son helping you move and he drops one out of a box and steps on the side of it ... it's sturdy enough you're not going to be able to straighten it back out. :LOL:

There really isn't much difference between the CM and Calphalon commercial loaf pans - except for the metal, but I'm not sure the difference between steel and aluminized steel is significant. They are made (formed) essentially the same way, weigh about the same, and about the only difference I could see was the price. When I got ready to replace my loaf pans 2-3 years ago Calphalon was on sale for less than CM - which is the only reason I bought it. I don't notice any difference in the baking.

As for round cake pans .... I bought mine from a local restaurant supply house - for less than anybody else was selling for anything comperable. A 9" round by 2" deep heavy-weight dull brushed aluminum pan was only about $5.50.

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