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buckytom said:
i was told in order to keep dogs from pooping on my front lawn, just sprinkle some powdered cayenne around. the dogs will sniff it, and it will bother their nose so they'll go elsewhere. well, it didn't work, in fact, now all of the chihuahua's in the neighborhood meet on my front lawn.

then someone suggested kimchee. no good also. but a korean family bought the house next door, must have made them feel welcome...

I heard another tip from a farmer who wished to keep foxes away from his young ducklings.

He advised me to fight the fox (or, in your case, the dog) with their own weapon.

When a dog wants to keep other dogs off of its territory it "marks" its boundaries with urine.

You can save yourself (& your neighbors) embarrassment by filling a squeasy bottle with your urine and "marking" the edges of your grounds with it.

Avoid getting the urine on delicate plants or grass as it can kill or fade them.
thanks keen cook. i'm not about to try the bottle thing. fortunately, god gave men a convenient delivery system fo this sort of task lol. i'll just have to wait till 4am or so...

btw, i wasn't just being a racist wise guy with my comments. they really happened. i put cayenne pepper down, and the next day i saw a woman walking a chihuahua down my street and it stopped to sniff my lawn. someone did suggest kimchee, and coincidentally, a korean family bought the house next door. no kidding...

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